The EMPOP tools section provides a suite of software to support the analysis and interpretation of mitochondrial DNA sequence variation.

Haplogroup Browser

The haplogroup browser represents the established most recent Phylotree haplogroups in convenient searchable format and provides the number of EMPOP sequences assigned to the respective haplogroups by EMMA. Note that EMPOP provides the MRCA haplogroup if multiple haplogroup assignments are feasible.

Individual haplogroups can also be found by querying differences to the rCRS in a database of > 20,000 mtGenome sequences.


EMPcheck is a tool to perform plausibility checks on a rCRS-coded data table.

The file format must meet the requirements described below and in Carracedo et al 2014

See here for the required file format.


NETWORK is software to calculate and draw quasi-median networks. They are useful to examine the quality of an mtDNA dataset.

Details on how to use NETWORK and references can be found here.