The board of the International Society of Forensic Genetics (ISFG) and the editors of Forensic Science International: Genetics and International Journal of Legal Medicine invited EMPOP to logistically organize and perform quality control (QC) of mtDNA sequences in the course of manuscript preparations for the journals. Before mtDNA population papers are put forward to the editors for review, the authors are requested to submit the data to EMPOP. After positive evaluation, the authors will be contacted by EMPOP with the respective EMPOP accession numbers that serve as indicator of successful QC for the editors and reviewers. The necessary steps for submission of mtDNA sequences to EMPOP are outlined below.

Step 1

Prepare your sequence data as shown in the template that can be downloaded from the EMPOP webpage here and enter all necessary information.

Step 2

Submit your file to EMPOP by email. The haplotypes undergo quality control (QC) including format, plausibility and phylogenetic checks using EMPCHECK, NETWORK and in-house software. This process involves manual inspection of your data and therefore takes some time depending on sequencing ranges and number of samples. Typically, QC is accomplished within two weeks after reception of the formally correct data.

Step 3

After data evaluation by EMPOP, communication may follow with respect to individual haplotypes. Once your data passed QC you will receive a phylogenetically aligned emp-file of your data together with the EMPOP accession number(s). Please provide accession number(s) together with your manuscript to the editor of the journal.

Please make reference to the EMPOP QC work by citing Parson and Dür 2007 and Huber et al. 2018 in your paper.

Step 4

Data that successfully passed QC will be uploaded onto EMPOP.